Bristol Bowmen and
Golden Phoenix Archers

The following table contains the indoor New Year adjustments for the year starting 1 July 2017.

  Bow Group Outdoor handicap Outdoor classification Indoor handicap Indoor classification
Tom Aylott Recurve Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Stephen Bailey Barebow Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Barry Baker Barebow Gents 66 u/c u/c u/c
Amber Bolt Barebow Ladies U12 93 Archer u/c u/c
Ian Bolt Barebow Gents 53 2nd u/c u/c
Michael Bond Recurve Gents 73 u/c u/c u/c
Bob Brooks Barebow Gents 62 2nd u/c u/c
Bob Brooks Recurve Gents 76 u/c u/c u/c
Pete Brown Barebow Gents 59 2nd u/c u/c
Pete Brown Longbow Gents 70 2nd u/c u/c
Sue Brown Barebow Ladies 76 u/c u/c u/c
Sue Brown Recurve Ladies 61 3rd u/c u/c
Tanzy Brown Barebow Ladies 69 2nd u/c u/c
Tanzy Brown Longbow Ladies 78 3rd u/c u/c
Rebecca Callan Barebow Ladies 61 1st 50 E
Judy (Ho Yan) Chu Recurve Ladies 57 2nd u/c u/c
Dave Collingbourne Barebow Gents 57 2nd 62 u/c
Dave Collingbourne Recurve Gents 65 Archer u/c u/c
Erin Collingbourne Barebow Ladies U12 85 u/c 92 u/c
Erin Collingbourne Recurve Ladies U12 74 1st 77 u/c
Evie Collingbourne Recurve Ladies U16 70 2nd 75 u/c
Jim Edmondson Recurve Gents 66 Archer 73 u/c
Rob Edwards Compound Gents 42 3rd u/c u/c
Rob Edwards Recurve Gents 57 3rd u/c u/c
Alfred Emmott Barebow Gents U14 77  3rd 77 u/c
Alfred Emmott Recurve Gents U14 84 u/c u/c u/c
Neil Emmott Flatbow Gents 69 3rd u/c u/c
Dave Greenhill Recurve Gents 54 3rd u/c u/c
Daniel Grigg Flatbow Gents 77 Archer u/c u/c
Tad Gunton Longbow Gents 69 3rd u/c u/c
Lizanne Harland Barebow Ladies 66 2nd  u/c u/c
Edward Hayward Barebow Gents U16 u/c u/c u/c u/c
Maurice Hayward Recurve Gents 79 Archer 69 F
Richard Hayward Compound Gents u/c u/c 38 u/c
Richard Hayward Recurve Gents 72 u/c u/c u/c
Barnaby Johnson Recurve Gents 53 3rd u/c u/c
Luke Johnson Recurve Gents U16 72 Archer u/c u/c
Sophie Klevenow Recurve Ladies TBC TBC TBC TBC
Terry Ladd Longbow Ladies 77 3rd u/c u/c
Ian Lassman Recurve Gents 51 u/c 44 u/c
Clive (Tsz Kin) Lo Recurve Gents 48 2nd u/c u/c
Rodney Luton Barebow Gents 67 u/c 59 u/c
Rodney Luton Recurve Gents 64 u/c 62 u/c
Sheena McCullagh Barebow Ladies 66 2nd 68 u/c
Sheena McCullagh Longbow Ladies 74 u/c u/c u/c
Sheena McCullagh Recurve Ladies 57 u/c 58 u/c
Tim McIlhinney Barebow Gents 70 3rd u/c u/c
Michael Micallef Barebow Gents 70 Archer u/c u/c
Michael Micallef Recurve Gents 59 u/c 61 u/c
Daniel Monson Recurve Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Leo Moate Recurve Gents U12 78 2nd 83 u/c
Alice Powell-Chandler Barebow Ladies U12 95 u/c 92 u/c
Alice Powell-Chandler Recurve Ladies U12 100 u/c u/c u/c
Grace Powell-Chandler Barebow Ladies U12 u/c u/c 95 u/c
James Powell-Chandler Barebow Gents 54 1st u/c u/c
James Powell-Chandler Recurve Gents 53 3rd 52 u/c
Jeff Price Barebow Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Tarran Price Barebow Ladies u/c u/c u/c u/c
David Smith Barebow Gents 54 1st 62 u/c
David Smith Longbow Gents 75 u/c u/c u/c
David Smith Recurve Gents 53 3rd 61 u/c
Matthew Tape Recurve Gents U12 80 2nd 78 u/c
Bob Taylor Barebow Gents 64 3rd  69 u/c
Bob Taylor Recurve Gents 66 u/c 65 u/c
Rod Taylor Recurve Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Herold Thomas Recurve Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Kory Thomas Recurve Gents U16 u/c u/c u/c u/c
Christopher Tracy Recurve Gents u/c u/c u/c u/c
Clive Wilkins Recurve Gents 36 Bowman 34 D

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Created: 27 December 2006
Updated: 14 August 2017

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