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1 January – happy New Year everyone. May all your arrows fly straight (into the gold) and may all the longbow (and barebow) archers miss the woodwork (and score pads).

Handicap Improvement Medal – this is awarded annually to the club member who has achieved the highest handicap reduction in the previous year. There are very strict eligibility criteria set by the GNAS, so for 2017 those were:

  • Being a club member by 1 July 2016 and still being a member on 31 December 2017, and
  • Holding a starting handicap in the relevant bow type on 1 January 2017, and
  • Having submitted a minimum of eight scores during 2017.

And the winners were:

  • Bristol Bowmen Juniors – Alfred Emmott (barebow) with a five point reduction.
  • Bristol Bowmen – Pete Brown (longbow) with a fourteen point reduction.
  • Golden Phoenix Archers – David Smith (barebow) with a two point reduction.

The New Year Adjusted handicaps and classifications are available on the handicaps and classifications page.

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Created: 29 December 2017
Updated: 31 December 2017

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