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The container is an island unto itself

It may look as if it is standing on land not yet submerged, but it is actually behind the bank. Judging by the height of the sign on the floodlight post, the water depth at that point must be around four feet.

View along the top of the bank

We had intended to walk along the bank and enter the water a few feet from the container. Unfortunately, since the last time we gained access this way, the top of the bank has become overgrown with shrubs and brambles making it impossible to safely walk along it.

From the adjacent field

Failing being able to walk along the top of the bank, we contemplated crossing the field behind the container. Judging by how far up the hedge the water line is and how little room there is between the top of the water and the platform for the floodlights, we reckon the water was around five feet deep at the hedge. At that point, lacking access to a boat, we had to abort the rescue mission.

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Rod Luton

Chair of Golden Phoenix Archers and equipment officer for both clubs.

Jim Edmondson

Our newest member.

Peter White

Demonstrating his He-man pose as he prepares to 'fight the flood'.

David Smith

Club Secretary. He was so busy behind the camera on the day that we forgot to take a photo of him. This one is taken on the balcony of his flat a couple of days later.

Sheena McCullagh and friend

Club coach and webmaster trying to convince people that the flood water is infested with snakes. No it isn't, it was a toy one we found earlier.

Anna Conda

She may have been a toy snake, but she looks surprisingingly frightening, close up, fangs bared and ready to strike. If you're frightened of snakes, do not scroll down.

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