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Looking towards the football club

The lower car park: now doubling as a wading pool.

Forward from the patio

To give you some idea of how deep the water is, look at the bus and truck on the bypass. The embankment they are driving along is around 20 feet above the playing field, making the flood at that point around 10 feet deep.

Patio and most of the grounds

27 acres of ground, nearly all of it under water.

If archery is off, we can always go trainspotting.

A beautiful old steam train just happened by. For the anoraks amongst you, we believe it to be BR standard class 7 70000 Britannia.

Towards Frys

Somewhere in the middle of the photograph our container is lurking.

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The rugby club house

With it's spectacular, if temporary, lakeside views.

No dogs allowed

Not even dogfish?

Sign, now standing in the flood, which reads, dogs are not allowed on K R F C playing fieds.

Safety first

A lifebelt has been attached to the railings around the lower car park/wading pool.

Timing is everything

If that had been a bow-sight instead of a lifebelt that Sheena was aiming through he wouldn't have stood a chance.

A jet skier taken through the centre of the lifebelt.

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Created: 24 November 2012
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