Bristol Bowmen and
Golden Phoenix Archers

For details of shooting days and times, please see the club days page.

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We are based at:

Keynsham Rugby Football Club
Crown Field
Bristol Road
BS31 2BE

Outdoor venue Pinpoint Map courtesy of Bristol City Council

There is a bus stop directly outside the ground, traveling out of Bristol and one outside the Crown pub, opposite, traveling into Bristol. These stops are serviced seven days a week by the 38, 39 and 178; see First Bus' journey planning section for timetables, maps etc. On Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays, the 349 also runs; see Abus' 349 timetable for details.

We shoot on the far right of the ground. To reach the shooting area:

Go in through the main gates and turn right into the car park.
At the end of the car park turn left and down the ramp to the lower level.
Drive straight forward onto the grass.
Immediately turn right and follow the edge of the ground until you reach our shooting area.

Please note – Under no circumstances may you drive diagonally across the rugby pitch to our area.

It is usually possible to drive right to the shooting area. However, if the ground is really wet, access to the field may be prohibited. In this case please park in the Rugby Ground car park and walk across. Even if access is allowed, please take care if the ground is muddy. We don't want you to get stuck.

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We are based at:

The Park
Daventry Road
Knowle West

Indoor venue Pinpoint Map courtesy of Bristol City Council.

The 36 bus stops outside the Park traveling in both directions. The 90 stops in Melvin Square, 600 m (650 yds) from The Park. Timetable search.

We shoot in the gym, for details of how to find it, please ask at reception.

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Add Pinpoint maps to your web site

Pinpoint is a mapping system provided by Bristol City Council. You can add a Pinpoint map for any address in the old Avon area:

  1. Open either of the map links above.
  2. In the left hand menu of the opened map, select 'Addresses', this will expand the menu.
  3. From the Search drop down box select either 'Bristol' or 'the wider area', as appropriate.
  4. Type an address or post code into the search box and hit the search icon.
  5. Highlight the address that you want and a box marked UPRN (unique property reference number) will appear either directly above or below the address.
  6. Add the UPRN to the end of:
    • http://www.bristol.gov.uk/pinpoint/?uprn=
  7. You can use the link as is, or if you wish to use a specific resolution, after the UPRN add:
    • &extent=
    Followed by a number. The exact extent (overall area) that can be shown at a given scale varies with the size of the map, but any extent value over 16000 should fairly reliably force the map to zoom out to the smallest scale. For a a 'typical' map size the 'extent' value corresponds to the scale as follows:
Extent Scale
63 1:750
125 1:1500
250 1:3000
500 1:6000
1000 1:12000
2000 1:24000
4000 1:48000
8000 1:96000
16000 1:192000

You should now have a link that looks something like this (NB this is for our outdoor venue):

  • http://www.bristol.gov.uk/pinpoint/?uprn=100121179144&extent=18000

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