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With over 45 years of records to go through, it will take some time for this section to be completed. The records are being built retrospectively, so, over time, you may see a higher score and earlier date than those currently showing.

Currently the records cover outdoor only 1 January 1977 to date.

Prior to 1 January 1987, the bow type is not recorded. This is around the time that the compound bow started to make an appearance, so we are treating all records before this as recurve.

Missing records

Unfortunately some of the club records cannot be found. These include many of the records from 2000 until September 2006 for people who left the club during this time. In addition these years are missing – 1978, 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1993.

  Archer Group Score Date
Short Windsor Tanzy Brown Ladies 273 23/04/17
Short Western Tanzy Brown Ladies 216 26/06/17
American Tanzy Brown Ladies 53 20/05/17
National Tanzy Brown Ladies 50 03/06/17
Short National Terry Ladd Ladies 171 01/06/16
Junior National Tanzy Brown Ladies 228 26/03/17
Short Junior National Mary Perkins Ladies 247 01/07/12
Short Warwick Tanzy Brown Ladies 54 18/05/17
WA Standard Bow Round Tanzy Brown Ladies 156 19/04/17
The following round was shot to 'local rules'.
Clout 75 yards Terry Ladd Ladies 16 25/10/15

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  Archer Group Score Date
Long Western Sheena McCullagh Ladies 101 02/08/08
Western Sheena McCullagh Ladies 160 05/08/10
New National Sheena McCullagh Ladies 22 26/12/11
Long National Sheena McCullagh Ladies 64 26/07/08
National Sheena McCullagh Ladies 133 26/06/11
Junior National Sheena McCullagh Ladies 192 08/08/14
Warwick Sheena McCullagh Ladies 80 05/09/14
FITA 70m Sheena McCullagh Ladies 126 25/08/08
FITA 60m Sheena McCullagh Ladies 106 28/12/11

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