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The dates for the following competitions are all 'weather permitting'. Rounds to be shot will be Nationals for all experienced adults with shorter distances for juniors and beginner adults, followed by a BBQ and the presentation of awards. Lady/Santa Paramounts to be confirmed - anyone fancy wearing either of the pointy hats?

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Friday 16 December. Based on a Portsmouth round, each competitor to shoot six arrows at each of 10 different target faces in rotation.

Will we have a Lady Paramount this year, or will our tournament organiser, Bob Taylor be drafted back in as Santa Paramount?

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Sunday 2 October. Last year we held the clout on 25 October, St Crispin's Day, to commemorate the 600 anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. This year we were celebrating Golden Phoenix Archers' 10 birthday, which was on 1 October. The weather was stunningly good for the time of year; bright sunshine and warm enough for T-shirts, with not even a gentle breeze. We wanted all members to have the chance to take part so we shoot shorter distances than given in the Rules of Shooting, see the Clout (local rules) section of the local rounds and local rules page.

And the results were:

The results are based on the category shot, not the distance.

Gents' recurve: 1 James Powell-Chandler, 73; 2 Jim Edmondson, 51; 3 Clive Lo, 36.

Gents' barebow: 1 Barry Baker, 62; 2 David Smith, 39; 3 Dave Collingbourne, 31; 4 Pete Brown, 10; 5 Bob Brooks 7.

Gents' longbow: 1 Tad Gunton, 3.

Ladies' recurve: 1 Judy Chu, 47.

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sue Brown, 47.

Ladies' under 16 barebow: 1 Evie Collingbourne, 64.

Gents' under 12 barebow: 1 Alfred Emmott, 74.

Ladies' under 12 barebow: 1 Erin Collingbourne, 72; 2 Grace Powell-Chandler, 26.

The day ended with the medals being awarded by the competition organiser Tad Gunton.

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Sunday 11 September, featuring the Vic Williams Shield. This is awarded annually by ballot to the member who has done most for the clubs during the preceding year.

The weather forecast hadn't been great and there was a decidedly autumnal nip in the air when we all let home, but up on the range it was beautifully sunny and wonderfully warm with hardly any wind.

And the results were:

The first figure is the handicap adjusted score, the figure in brackets is the actual score.


Gents' recurve: 1 James Powell-Chandler, 1461 (388); 2 David Smith, 1259 (242).

Gents' barebow: 1 Dave Collingbourne, 1487 (236); 2 Pete Brown, 1466 (280); 3 Bob Brooks, 1399 (196); 4 Ian Bolt, 1355 (325).

Gents' compound: 1 Rob Edwards, 1396 (456).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sheena McCullagh, 1415 (149).

Junior National:

Gents' recurve: 1 Clive Lo, 1496 (550).

Ladies' under 16 recurve: 1 Evie Collingbourne, 1438 (326).

Short Junior National:

Gents' under 14 recurve: 1 Luke Johnson, 1479 (292).

Gents' under 12 recurve: 1 Matthew Tape 1558 (371); 2 Leo Moate, 1456 (331).

Gents' under 12 barebow (head-to-head): 1 Alfred Emmott, not applicable (207).

Ladies' under 12 recurve: 1 Erin Collingbourne, 1403 (278).

Ladies' under 12 barebow: 1 Amber Bolt, 1517 (175).

Junior trophies:

  • Junior gents' recurve: 1 Matthew Tape; 2 Luke Johnson; 3 Leo Moate.
  • Junior ladies' recurve: 1 Evie Collingbourne; 2 Erin Collingbourne.
  • Junior ladies' barebow: 1 Amber Bolt.

Vic Williams Shield: 1 Sheena McCullagh (8); 2 David Smith (7); 3 Bob Taylor (3).

Best golds: Adults (called at the sixth end); Rob Edwards (compound); Clive Lo (recurve). Juniors (ninth end); Evie Collingbourne.

The day ended with the prizes being awarded by the Lady Paramount, Jane Collingbourne, who graciously donned the pointy hat.

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Sunday 1 May; featuring the Andy Friend and Bob Taylor Challenge Trophies for the highest handicap adjusted scores at 60 yards and 50 yards respectively and the cup for the highest non-handicap adjusted score of the day. As we've had no New Year's Day shooting for a few years we also decided to use the two best gold cups and the silverware was increased with the addition of a new trophy for 'compound gold'. If more than one person is shooting compound bows, this will be awarded as the best gold between those shooting. If there is only one or no compound shooters it will be awarded to the first person who has an arrow within the compound 10 zone.

The official trophies were supplemented by Belgium chocolate gold coins, thanks to our tournament organiser, Bob Taylor.

The day was overcast and reasonably warm with only a slight breeze, which brought out the highest number of entrants for several years and a good range of bow types: American flatbow x 1 (although this is classed as barebow), barebow x 6, compound x 1, longbow x 2 and recurve x 1.

The day ended with the trophies being awarded by the Lady Paramount Jess Bolt.

Amber Bolt pointing to the arrow that won her the compound 10 zone shield.

And the results were:

The first figure is the handicap adjusted score, the figure in brackets is the actual score.


Gents' recurve: 1 David Smith, 1442 (425).

Gents' barebow: 1 Ian Bolt, 1425 (381); 2 Pete Brown, 1417 (231); 3 Bob Brooks, 1339 (136).

Gents' compound: 1 Rob Edwards, 1487 (470).

Gents' longbow: 1 Tad Gunton, 1404 (124).

Short National:

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sheena McCullagh, 1448 (255).

Ladies' longbow: 1 Terry Ladd, 1413 (59).

Junior National:

Gents' barebow: 1 Robert Phillips, 1299 (202).

Gents' under 18 barebow (American flatbow): 1 Daniel Grigg, 1441 (146).

Ultra Short Junior National:

Ladies' under 12 head-to-head barebow: 1 Amber Bolt, not applicable (211).

Andy Friend Challenge Trophy: Rob Edwards.

Bob Taylor Challenge Trophy: Sheena McCullagh.

Highest score of the day cup: Rob Edwards.

Lowest score of the day medal: Terry Ladd.

CPO adult best gold cup: Tad Gunton.

Mr Happy junior best gold cup: Amber Bolt.

First arrow in the compound 10 zone shield: Amber Bolt.

And finally, for being so well behaved during competition (we didn't hear a peep out of him), six year-old Jayden Bolt was presented with a handful of the chocolate coins.

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Friday 25 March (Good Friday). 7pm meet for 7.30pm shoot, so yes, we were shooting after dark. With ten adults and two juniors shooting it made splitting the cost of the 10 for the electricity easy; 1 per adult.

We usually shoot Nationals, but being slow to start and with the ground so hard the arrows were skipping, often to the end of the range and occasionally beyond, we cut it down to Warwicks this year. Given that it was bitingly cold, albeit very little wind, shooting two dozen less than normal was no bad thing.

Shooting under floodlight can cause your depth perception to go and the prizes reflect this. They vary from year to year but include such things as worst white, lowest total score and most petticoats (in the paper target, but outside the scoring area) and a Woodpecker trophy (for the first one of the night, excluding sighters), which was won this year in the fourth end with a hit to the back leg.

The Handicap Improver's Medals had not yet been presented, so with both winners present, prior to the floodlit awards being distributed, Bob presented the two winners with their medals: David Smith (GPA) and Ian Bolt (BB).

The evening ended with Bob Taylor handing out the prizes.

The prizes were:


Woodpecker: Erin Collingbourne. Second: Dave Collingbourne.

Lowest total score: Erin Collingbourne (but she was far and away the youngest person shooting). Second: Tanzy Brown. Tad Gunton, who usually wins it as he shoots longbow, had an injury, so there was no longbow challenger for the trophy this year.

Worst white (held over from Boxing Day): Dave Collingbourne (called on the sixth end).

Most petticoats (in the paper target, but outside the scoring area): Tanzy Brown, 5. Second equal: Sheena McCullagh and Hannah Wynn, 3 each. Fourth: Dave Collingbourne, 2. Fifth equal: Erin Collingbourne, Evie Collingbourne, Rob Edwards, Pat Foster, David Smith, 1 each. Tenth equal: Ian Bolt, Pete Brown, Michael Micallef, who didn't get any.


Most Golds: Rob Edwards, 11. Second: David Smith, 8. Third equal: Dave Collingbourne, Pat Foster, Michael Micallef, 5 each. Sixth: Pete Brown, 3. Seventh equal: Ian Bolt, Sheena McCullagh, Hannah Wynn, 2 each. Tenth: Evie Collingbourne, 1.

Juniors who turned up prepared to get cold: Equal winners, Erin and Evie Collingbourne.

Our thanks go to:

  • Jim Brooks, our liaison officer at the rugby club, for key holding for us for the evening, although he didn't have to come back and turn off the lights this year because there was a function in the club house.
  • Bob Taylor for making the Woodpecker trophy and running the evening.

The actual results were:


Gent's recurve: 1 David Smith (235).

Gent's barebow: 1 Ian Bolt (178); 2 Pete Brown (141).

Gent's compound: 1 Rob Edwards (305).

Ladies' recurve: 1 Hannah Wynn (115).

Short Warwicks:

Gent's recurve: 1 Michael Micallef (261).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sheena McCullagh (99); 2 Tanzy Brown (57).

Junior Warwicks:

Gent's recurve: 1 Dave Collingbourne (165).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Pat Foster (230).

Ladies' Under 14 recurve: 1 Evie Collingbourne (127).

Ladies' Under 12 recurve: 1 Erin Collingbourne (44).

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