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The dates for the following competitions are all 'weather permitting'. Rounds to be shot will be Nationals for all experienced adults with shorter distances for juniors and beginner adults, followed by a BBQ and the presentation of awards. Lady/Santa Paramounts to be confirmed - anyone fancy wearing either of the pointy hats?

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Best gold. There will be no warning as to when this will be done. The club captain will suddenly tell everyone to leave all gold arrows in the target. The arrow closest to the center of the target will win the archer a medal.

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Cancelled, sorry folks.

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Sunday 2 September 2012, featuring the Vic Williams Shield. This is awarded annually by ballot to the member who has done most for the clubs during the preceding year.

A warm and dry, but overcast day. The wind changed from end to end causing very fluctuating scores throughout the afternoon.

And the results were:

The first figure is the handicap adjusted score, the figure in brackets is the actual score.


Gents' recurve: 1 John Chappell, 1420 (416); 2 Gary Avery, 1406 (556).

Gents' barebow: 1 Peter John, 1498 (345); 2 Joedy Taylor, 1415 (326); 3 Rod Luton, 1326 (173).

Gents' compound: 1 Dave Fullerton, 1421 (391).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Michelle Carey, 1416 (332); 2 Sheena McCullagh, 1317 (287).

Short National:

Gents' recurve: 1 David Smith, 1471 (391); 2 Peter White, 1411 (346); Bob Taylor 1328 (217).

Gents' recurve (head-to-head): 1 Gareth Love, not applicable (304).

Short Junior National:

Gents' under 12 recurve (head-to-head): 1 Rudi Bates, not applicable (265).

Vic Williams Shield: Bob Taylor.

Best gold: Bob Taylor.

The day ended with the prizes being awarded by the Lady Paramount, Jenny Williams (Rudi's mum).

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All the competitors.

Monday 7 May; cancelled due to flooding. Monday 4 June; cancelled because the horses (we should have been sharing with a horse show) couldn't see our rope. So somewhat belatedly, on Sunday 29 July we finally got around to holding the May Day Tournament; featuring the Andy Friend and Bob Taylor Challenge Trophies for the highest handicap adjusted scores at 60 yards and 50 yards respectively, the Mr Happy junior best gold cup and a new cup for the highest non-handicap adjusted score of the day.

It rained all morning and most of us thought that it would be cancelled, but by 12.30pm the sun had come out and we had warm, but very windy weather. Unfortunately three people could not shoot due to illness or injury and another due to caring duties of the youngest of those three, so we had 12 adults and three juniors take to the line.

And the results were:

The first figure is the handicap adjusted score, the figure in brackets is the actual score.


Gents' recurve: 1 Andy Perkins, 1432 (359); 2 John Chappell 1404 (374); 3 Clive Wilkins 1371 (493); 4 Gary Avery 1337 (482).

Gents' barebow: 1 Peter John 1429 (276); 2 Rod Luton, 1319 (166).

Short National:

Gents' recurve: 1 Ciarán Cullen, 1520 (469); 2 Lee Taylor 1468 (482); 3 Peter White 1432 (256); 4 Joedy Taylor 1418 (381); 5 David Smith 1328 (248).

Ladies' recurve: 1 Michelle Carey, 1448 (352).

Junior National:

Gents' barebow under 16: 1 Sebastian Raine, no handicap (169).

Short Junior National:

Ladies' recurve under 12: 1 Anna Perkins, 1426 (388).

Very Short Junior National:

Gents' barebow under 14: 1 Aiden Raine, no handicap (413).

Best gold (adult): Clive Wilkins.

Mr Happy junior best gold cup: Aiden Raine.

Andy Friend Challenge Trophy: Andy Perkins.

Bob Taylor Challenge Trophy: Ciarán Cullen.

Highest score of the day cup: Clive Wilkins.

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Friday 6 April: Warmish and very still weather made for good shooting conditions. Unfortunately the ground was so hard any misses were traveling a long way.

We all seem to be getting better at shooting under floodlights, we didn't have a true woodpecker (an arrow in the stand) all evening, but Dave managed to shoot his wooden score board twice, so we awarded him the trophy instead.

The evening ended with hot cross buns and the prizes being awarded by our Lady Paramount Lucy John (Peter's daughter), who chose the winner of the worst white and worst gold.

The prizes were:


Woodpecker: Dave Fullerton.

Lowest total score: Dave Fullerton.

Worst white (held over from Boxing Day): Rod Luton.

Most petticoats (in the boss, but outside the scoring area): Peter John (three).


Highest number of misses: Dave Fullerton (who didn't score at all at the shortest distance).

Worst gold: Gary Avery.

Our thanks go to:

  • Jim Brooks (our liaison officer at the rugby club) for key holding for the evening and coming back in his own time, around 10 pm, to turn off the floodlights and lock up.
  • Michelle Carey for bringing donuts for us all.
  • Bob Taylor for making the Woodpecker trophy.
  • Clive Wilkins for providing the hot cross buns.

The actual results were:


Gent's recurve: 1 Clive Wilkins (544); 2 Gary Avery (534); 3 Lee Taylor (411).

Gent's barebow: 1 Peter John (222); 2 Rod Luton (202).

Gent's longbow: 1 Dave Fullerton (21).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sheena McCullagh (275).

Short Nationals:

Gent's recurve: 1 Joedy Taylor (355).

Ladies recurve: 1 Michelle Carey (332).

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