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The dates for the following competitions are all 'weather permitting'. Rounds to be shot will be Nationals for all experienced adults with shorter distances for juniors and beginner adults, followed by a BBQ and the presentation of awards. Lady/Santa Paramounts to be confirmed - anyone fancy wearing either of the pointy hats?

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Best gold. There will be no warning as to when this will be done. The club captain will suddenly tell everyone to leave all gold arrows in the target. The arrow closest to the center of the target will win the archer a medal.

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Friday 16 December 2011. Once again our thanks go to Bob Taylor for organising the evening and designing the target faces to create a round loosely based on a Portsmouth.

Winners and their awards

Winners (l to r): Ewa Johansson-Phillips, Adam Perkins, Gary Avery, Isaac Eamer (runner-up medal).

With better weather than we've had for a few years, numbers were up and we had three categories shooting.

The results were:


  1. Gary Avery (Recurve, 524).
  2. Clive Wilkins (Recurve, 490).
  3. Ian Lassman (Recurve, 431).
  4. Mark Pollard (Recurve, 421).
  5. Andy Perkins (Recurve, 276).
  6. Rod Luton (Recurve, 276).
  7. Bob Taylor (Recurve, 267).


  1. Ewa Johansson-Phillips (Barebow, 384).
  2. Michelle Carey (Recurve, 368).


  1. Adam Perkins (Barebow, 236).
  2. Isaac Eamer (Recurve, 124).

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Friday 30 September: Lets hear it for a good British Indian summer. Not a breath of wind, very, very warm, mist rising from the dew-wet grass and owls hooting in the distance. Unfortunately shooting under floodlight wreaked havoc with the scores, but that's all part of the fun of shooting after dark.

Bob Taylor excelled himself with the trophies this time not only making us a woodpecker, but also a wooden spoon for the lowest overall score (see photo). Originally it was just supposed to be a fletched spoon, then Bob and his wife managed to break one of their pasta jars, so the now spare lid was drafted in to make rather a fetching fletching base.

The prizes were:

Wooden spoon trophy for the lowest score


Woodpecker (the first arrow in the stand): Lee Taylor.

Wooden spoon (lowest total score): Mary Perkins.


Most whites (experienced archers): Sheena McCullagh.

Most whites (newbie archers): Michelle Carey and Mary Perkins.

Worst red (experienced archers): David Hayden.

Worst red (newbie archers): Adam Perkins.

The actual results were:


Gents' recurve: 1 Gary Avery (494); 2 David Hayden (396); 3 Joedy Taylor (318); 4 Lee Taylor (312).

Gents' barebow: 1 Rod Luton (182).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sheena McCullagh (259).

Short National

Gents' recurve: 1 Bob Taylor (289); 2 Roger Hobbs (retired).

Short Junior National

Gents' barebow: 1 Andy Perkins (350).

Ladies' recurve: 1 Michelle Carey (305).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Mary Perkins (169).

Very Short Junior National

Gents' under 12 barebow: 1 Adam Perkins (461).

With both her parents and brother shooting, eight-year-old Anna Perkins graciously agreed to be our Lady Paramount and wore the pointy hat for most of the evening. Her duties included choosing the winners of the worst red medals and awarding the prizes. The evening ended with Anna being presented with flowers to show our thanks to her.

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Sunday 4 September 2011, featuring the Vic Williams Shield. This is awarded annually by ballot to the member who has done most for the clubs during the preceding year.

A lovely warm and sunny afternoon despite an overcast start to the day. Unfortunately it was also very windy, which caused more misses than usual and one very bent arrow.

And the results were:

The first figure is the handicap adjusted score, the figure in brackets is the actual score.


Gents' recurve: 1 Lee Taylor, 1489 (223); 2 Joedy Taylor, 1478 (259); 3 Ian Lassman, 1474 (504); 4 David Hayden, 1471 (350); 5 Bob Taylor, 1460 (241); 6 Gary Avery, 1407 (508).

Gents' barebow: 1 Peter John, 1416 (231).

Ladies' barebow: 1 Sheena McCullagh, 1361 (317).

Short National:

Gents' recurve: 1 John Chappell, 1484 (259); 2 Roger Hobbs, 1370 (194).

Junior National:

Gents' recurve (head-to-head): 1 Alex Forster, 211.

Gents' barebow: 1 Ronnie Close, 1434 (226).

Ladies' recurve: 1 Yvonne Buchheim, 1488 (376).

Vic Williams Shield: Bob Taylor.

Best gold: Three identical on separate targets, so each got a medal: David Hayden, Ian Lassman, Lee Taylor.

The day ended with the traditional BBQ and the prizes being awarded by the Lady Paramount, Geraldine McDonald, who joined in the fun and donned the pointy hat.

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Sunday 26 June, featuring the Andy Friend Challenge Trophy for the highest handicap adjusted score.

After days of bad weather and nearly canceling the beginners' session the day before due to the cold and high winds, the day dawn bright and clear and got hotter, and hotter, and hotter reaching 28 Celsius. The extreme heat made several of us feel ill and affected everyone's scoring downwards.

And the results were:

The first figure is the handicap adjusted score, the figure in brackets is the actual score.


Gents' recurve: 1 Ian Lassman, 1445 (464); 2 Bob Taylor 1342 (126).

Gents' barebow: 1 Rod Luton, 1366 (180).

Gents' compound: 1 Dave Fullerton, 1578 (236).

Ladies' longbow: 1 Sheena McCullagh, 1384 (133).

Short National:

Gents' recurve: 1 David Hayden, 1566 (440).

Gents' barebow: 1 Peter John, no handicap (180).

Best gold: 1 David Hayden (with a 9/10 line cutter).

Andy Friend Challenge Trophy: Dave Fullerton.

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Sunday 24 April: brilliant sunshine, even if it was filtered through a layer of smog. Records were set and a good time was had by all. We even got around to presenting our first Fletchling Haydn Bath with his certificate and badges.

The Easter bonnets were somewhat original this year. Haydn had made his, Dave wore an Egyptian Islamic hat and scarf, so Sheena decided to go between the two, put on her Islamic veil and stuck her Easter bonnet on top.

Everyone taking part got an Easter egg, as did Haydn. With no Lady Paramount for the second competition running, Bob handed out the goodies:


Most golds: Gary Avery (30).

Worst gold: Roger Hobbs and Frank Bath (both had line cutters, so got a medal each).

Best gold: Frank Bath.

Target with most reds: both Rodney Luton/Gary Avery and Bob Taylor/Dave Fullertonís targets had four reds each, so all four got a medal.

Easter bonnets: Haydn Bath, Sheena McCullagh and Dave Fullerton.

Organiser's special:

For being the only person to pick up Bob's mistake on the entry form: Sheena McCullagh. Bob gave her a little bag that should have contained four small chocolate eggs. By the time he gave it to her, however, he'd had it so long that there were only three eggs left as one had hatched into a penguin.

The results were:


Gent's recurve: 1 Gary Avery (550); 2 Bob Taylor (198).

Gent's barebow: 1 Rod Luton (162).

Gent's longbow: 1 Frank Bath (176); 2 Dave Fullerton (54).

Ladies' longbow: 1 Sheena McCullagh (117).

Short Nationals:

Gent's recurve: 1 Roger Hobbs (Did not record his score).

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Friday 1 April: warm, almost balmy weather, even though it was after dark, and very little wind made for nearly ideal shooting conditions. Well they would have been ideal if it hadn't have been that we were shooting under floodlights, which completely alters your depth perception.

The prizes were:


Woodpecker (the first arrow in the stand): Roger Hobbs.

Lowest total score: Jamie King.

Worst white (held over from Boxing Day): Roger Hobbs.

Most petticoats (in the boss, but outside the scoring area): Joint winners; Sheena McCullagh and Bob Taylor with three apiece. They are sharing the trophy, six months each.


Highest number of misses: Jamie King (who didn't score at all at the longest distance).

Worst gold: Sheena McCullagh (but it was the only gold that end).

Our thanks go to:

  • Jim Brooks (our liaison officer at the rugby club) for key holding for the evening and coming back in his own time, around 10 pm, to turn off the floodlights and lock up. (And being mad enough to agree to do it all over again in September.)
  • Alan Neil (a friend of Bob's) for donating the 'Lowest total score' and 'Most petticoats' trophies.
  • Bob Taylor for making the Woodpecker trophy.

The actual results were:


Gents' recurve: 1 Bob Taylor (199).

Gents' barebow: 1 Peter John (148); 2 Jamie King (43).

Gents' longbow: 1 Frank Bath (135).

Ladies' longbow: 1 Sheena McCullagh (83).

Short National

Gents' recurve: 1 Roger Hobbs (145).

With no Lady paramount, the evening ended with the prizes being presented by Frank Bath.

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