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Best gold. There will be no warning as to when this will be done. The club captain will suddenly tell everyone to leave all gold arrows in the target. The arrow closest to the center of the target will win the archer a medal.

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Friday 17 December: Christmassy weather outside with a dusting of snow and Christmassy targets inside.

Once again thanks to Bob Taylor for organising the whole event including specially designing and printing nine Christmas faces to create, along with one 'proper' face, a fun Christmas themed 'Portsmouth' round.

Probably due to the weather, the numbers entering this year were down and no juniors.

The results were:

  1. Gary Avery (Recurve, 432).
  2. Ian Lassman (Recurve, 416).
  3. Rodney Luton (Recurve, 227).
  4. Mark Pollard (Compound, 203).
  5. Dave Fullerton (Recurve, 180).
  6. Bob Taylor (Recurve, 166).
  7. Mark-Jan Dielemans (Flat bow, 110).

The evening ended with Santa Paramount: Bob Taylor (complete with real beard and his own 'pointy hat') presenting the winner's trophy to Gary Avery.

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Sunday 5 September, with wet and dismal weather, numbers shooting were lower than usual with several members electing not to shoot.

The results were:


Gents recurve: 1 Trevor Lapham; 2 Rob Morgan.

Gents barebow: 1 Gary Avery; 2 Rodney Luton.

Gents longbow: 1 Steve Ludwell; 2 Paul Wilcox.

Ladies recurve: 1 Carolyn Twist.

Short National:

Gents recurve: 1 Bob Taylor.

Gents longbow: 1 Dave Fullerton.

Short Junior National:

Gents under 12 barebow: 1 Tim Morgan.

Beginner gents recurve (head to head): 1 Jer Gould; 2 John Miller.

Beginner gents under 14 barebow: 1 Corey Gould.

Vic Williams Shield: This is awarded annually by ballot to the member who has done most for the clubs during the preceding year. However, with the weather as it was and people hurrying away, the vote did not take place. Instead the vote was held the following Sunday, 12 September, and the winner was Rob Morgan.

Best Gold: Rodney Luton.

The weather put pay to the traditional BBQ, so the day ended with the awarding of the prizes by the Lady Paramount, Sam Morgan.

Annual championship 2010 full results (PDF: 143.0 KB).

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Sunday 27 June, featuring the Andy Friend Challenge Trophy for the highest handicap adjusted score.

Beautiful weather although equipment failure ruined the day for two of the members. Sheena's string failed and so did Frank's washing machine. With two children and work uniforms that, as Frank said, had to take priority.

The results were:


Gents' recurve: 1 Rob Morgan.

Gents' barebow: 1 Steve Ludwell; 2 Nick Griffin.

Gents' longbow: 1 Paul Wilcox.

Ladies' Recurve: 1 Carolyn Twist.

Short National:

Gents' recurve: 1 Gary Avery; 2 Mark-Jan Dielemans.

Gents' barebow: 1 Rodney Luton.

Gents' longbow: 1 Dave Fullerton.

Junior National:

Gents' under 12 recurve: 1 Tom Francis.

Short Junior National:

Gents' under 12 recurve: 1 Nathaniel Morris.

Very Short Junior National:

Gents' under 12 barebow: 1 Tim Morgan; 2 Kieran Griffin.

Andy Friend Challenge Trophy: Gary Avery.

Midsummer 2010 full results (PDF: 130.0 KB).

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Sunday 4 April – And the weather was, windy, windy, very, very windy, so very windy. So much so that the shoot was abandoned after the first four dozen and Sheena elected not to even try and shoot due to her balance issues.

Although no one is expected to shoot wearing their Easter Bonnet, Paul decided that as his was a wooly hat with little chickens on it and it was so cold, he would do, until, that is, he realised it was so windy that the little chicks were moving around to much and breaking his concentration.

Still, with 34 Easter eggs as prizes and only ten people shooting we got very creative with the competitions within the competition:

Everyone shooting got an egg – Ben Francis, Harry Francis, Tom Francis, Roger Hobbs, Rodney Luton, Rob Morgan, Tim Morgan, Hossein Tavakoli, Bob Taylor and Paul Wilcox.

Best Golds:
60yds Hossein Tavakoli (compound) and Paul Wilcox (other bow types).
50yds Harry Francis.
40yds Roger Hobbs.
30yds Tim Morgan.

Target with most Golds in one end – Paul Wilcox and Hossein Tavakoli.

Target with most Blues in one end – Harry Francis, Rodney Luton and Bob Taylor.

Easter best Gold junior trophy – Harry Francis, who decided to share it with the other juniors, Tim Morgan and Tom Francis.

Easter bonnet competition – Sheena McCullagh and Paul Wilcox.

And the prizes were presented by the Lady Paramount, Sam Morgan, who also got an egg.

Easter tournament 2010 full results (PDF: 92.4 KB).

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