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2 September was cool but pleasant enough, right until the end of the B-B-Q, when it started to drizzle.

The rounds shot were – National for all experienced adults; Junior National for beginner adults and Junior Gents aged 14 to 17; Short Junior National for Junior Gents under 14 and all Junior Ladies.

The results were:

Gent's recurve: 1 – Andy Friend; 2 – Nic Vangorph; 3 – Ian Lassman; 4 – Ben Mitchell; 5 – Andrew Francis; 6 – Trevor Lapham.

Gent's compound: 1 – Frank Bath.

Gent's Longbow: 1 – Pete Moore.

Ladies' recurve: 1 – Sheena McCullagh.

Gent's beginner's recurve: 1 – Steve Ludwell; 2 – Tamlin Gilbert; 3 – Gareth Love.

Ladies' beginner's recurve: 1 – Nicky Leeper.

Junior Gent's Under 18 recurve: 1 – Martin Friend.

Junior Gent's Under 14 recurve: 1 – Harry Francis; 2 – Mark Dare; 3 – Mark Lapham.

Junior Ladies' recurve: 1 – Elizabeth Evans.

Highest score for the National: Ian Lassman.

Best Gold: Harry Francis (well he did get 36 of them in total).

The day ended with the traditional B-B-Q and the awards being presented by the Lady Paramount Jan Ludwell.

Vic Williams Shield: This is awarded annually by ballot to the member of Bristol Bowmen who has done most for the club during the preceding year. The winner is decided at the AGM and the presentation usually takes place at the championship. However, this year we switched the two over, so it was both decided upon and presented to the winner at the AGM. And the winner was – Pete Moore for all his hard work over the years as treasurer.

Annual championship 2007 full results (PDF: 108 KB).

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Golden Phoenix Archers are taking part in the Somerset County postal Frostbite competition over the winter. As the results come in each month, they will be posted here.

  • October – 1319. Overall ranking fifth. Then when November's results were published, our October ranking was changed to sixth.
  • November – 1373. Monthly ranking third. Overall ranking third.
  • December – 1213. Monthly ranking seventh. Overall ranking fifth. Originally we were posted as monthly ranking sixth, overall ranking third, but one of the results had been lost in cyberspace, so the monthly figures were recalculated.

For the full rankings, results, etc, see the Somerset County Archery Association web site. From the left hand menu select 'Postals', then scroll down the screen.

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On 12 August Harry Francis entered his first competition. It was Bath Archers 50 Annual Hereford Tournament. Although Harry was the only one shooting in his group, he scored the highest of the three who shot the Bristol IV. He also set a new club record, one that was exactly as old as he is – it was set the day he was born. The results and a photo appeared in the Bath Chronicle.

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