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On 7 August 2010 all content beginning with the URI http://www.bristolanddisabledarchers.org.uk, except the PDFs, conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. Level AAA conformance.

  • The technologies that this content 'relies upon' are: XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.1, JavaScript 1.8.1, jpg.
  • The technologies that this content 'uses but does not rely upon' are: Microsoft Word 2000, Adobe Acrobat reader 7.0.

Note on PDFs

Until tested with a screen reader on 3 December 2010 we had believed the PDFs to be fully compliant as well, however:

  • The PDFs in the competitions section are enhancements of the page text and each one contains a link back into the page section that it is attached to. As such these PDFs can be classed as 'accessible'.
  • The PDFs in the Policies page are not enhancements of page content. They have, however, been modified, so they have the correct heading structures, are fully book marked, have been tagged to follow the document structure and have the title, author and language set in the document properties. As such we hope that they are accessible to screen reader users, but because we have no ability to test them with screen readers we cannot claim them as accessible.
  • All other PDFs have been removed from the site and replaced with Word documents, see also 'Additional Support', below.

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In addition to the international standards within this site we have:

  • Corrected the IE6 problem of 'loose anchors', allowing people to navigate the site using the tab key.
  • Provided a speech enabling software package called Browsealoud.
  • Provided access keys. These have been tested to make sure that they do not interfere with other keyboard shortcuts.
  • Provided a British Sign Language introductory video. This can be found on both the home page and within the Community languages section.
  • Made sure that all Word documents follow heading conventions to make them navigable by screen readers. Please note, most of the one page forms only have one heading in them, ie the document name.
  • Made sure that all our Word documents have no specified text and background colours and that the PDFs have no specified background colours. This allows any colour settings in either your computer properties or your PDF reader preferences to be fully effective. Please note it is only in the completed risk assessment PDFs where there is any specified text colour, the column numbers are in red.
  • Provided a white 'inverse' for every coloured horizontal line throughout the site. In all cases the white and coloured lines abut. Therefore if you are viewing the site with light text and dark background, you will still see a line. Please note, with some background colours you will be able to see both the coloured and white lines simultaneously. (We were hoping to allow the table grids in the stats section to pick up the page text colour. However we found that if you do not specify a colour, IE7 and earlier, displays the grid in a very pale colour. We therefore took the reluctant decision to specify the table grid colour. If your specific colour needs mean that you cannot see the table grids, we suggest that you over-ride the specified colour. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Change page colours page.)

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If you find any part of this site does not meet your access needs, or you think we have made an error in applying the international guidelines we want to hear from you. Please contact the Web master, Sheena McCullagh either by email webmaster@bristolanddisabledarchers.org.uk or by 'phone 0117 9494468 or 07974 694320 (mobile).

Anything you raise will be treated seriously and we will do our best to correct the issue. We want this site to be 'accessible to all'.

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Updated: 3 March 2012

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